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M-Files is a Windows based document management system (DMS) that greatly values user usability. While it does offers traditional web interface its main feature is deep windows integration on file system level. The virtual file system that M-Files provides allows users to work with documents stored in the system as if they were stored on the local hard drive which removes the requirement to manually transfer files between the local computer and the web interface. This also allows relative file references to work between the files.

Unfortunately the file system integration is only available for Windows.

M-Files File System for Linux

M-Files File System for Linux (MFilesFS) is an implementation of the M-Files file system for any operating system that supports FUSE. This includes Linux and OSX among others. The goal of MFilesFS is to provide all supported operating systems with simple to use DMS that keeps the actual document management to minimum and allows the users to focus on their real work.

MFilesFS interacts with FUSE using the fuse-python bindings. The communication between MFilesFS and M-Files server is implemented on top of the (somehow) RESTful interface included as part of the M-Files web interface.


The first goal is to support read-only use of M-Files through the file system. This includes the following features.
  • Navigating through the dynamic view/folder structure. (No errors against the sample document vault)
  • Browsing multi-file document contents. (No errors against the sample document vault)
  • Opening files. (Implemented, not fully tested)
  • Reading the object metadata (Initial implementation done)

Future development should expand MFilesFS to also include write support for the file system.

Supported Operating Systems

MFilesFS supports all operating systems that have support for FUSE and have fuse-python binding available to them. The following is a list of systems that are considered as priority systems and receive testing.

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